Get real

The creators of the iconic ‘got milk?’ brand, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPF) wants everyone to get real and is launching the Get Real campaign to promote the benefits of being real in all aspects of life, including drinking real milk.


Web & WordPress Development


8 weeks

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Get Real

The Client


The California Milk Processor Board is a nonprofit marketing board funded by California dairy processors and administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. It is most well known for its Got Milk? advertising campaign.


The Need


They came up with an idea for their "Got Milk?" campaign that needed to be implemented in less than two months. Consisted of a California map that shows all social media posts from Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter that includes their campaign hashtags. They wanted that solution to be fully configurable, from content creators, to cities and to hashtags that were used to pull up the posts from social media.


The Solution


It has three important applications. In the first place, we built a Spring Java server app to integrate with Data365 API to pull up the posts by location, hashtags, and content creators' usernames. We parse that data and expose it by an API to be pulled from a Gatsby.js application that was running inside a headless WordPress site to make it fully customizable. This front-end application integrates with the Mapbox library to show the California map so the user will be able to zoom in and out and navigate through the different cities to see the posts that match the campaign hashtags. The client is able to modify some Gatsby data from WordPress along with some Spring Java Middleware configuration, like hashtags to be pulled, location, and content creators' usernames along with the capability to add or remove posts that are pulled from the social media.



We delivered a website that, in addition to its refinement and simplicity, reinforces the values and concepts of the brand.

Easy to access, dynamic and agile, a website that met the needs of the client and that its users will enjoy browsing. Go ahead! We invite you to discover a site with a narrative like no other.